Saturday, 6 November 2010

Sketchbook work

I did this picture of jack nicholson when i was 17 but i found it t'other day and realised it was one of the only things i liked when i was younger, so it went up with the others!

The other pictures are rubbish quality but you get the idea, i shall probably scan these in properly at some point!

Female aviators

This was a uni project on pioneering women aviators, such as amelia earhart and amy johnson (pictured above) This was for a brief set by the guardian weekend, and we would have to tke into consideration the target audience and readers, plus style and technique. Poster is being put up next week.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Design is beautiful

This was a uni project inspired by the book by David McCandless, 'information is beautiful.' I had fun doing the poster for this, I used to binary code in the background to show the type of information that can confuse and leave people wanting unless they are equipped to handle pages of numbers and code. The cherry blossom design was a simple tool to illustrate something beautiful and easy for the brain to accept. The double page spread that goes with this is coming soon, just having some trouble uploading stuff at the moment!

burlesque outfit!

Doing my burlesque show with the vavavoom showcase on the 20th of december at brighton university. i decided to do a true blood themed bar girl routine, and sticking on all these hundreds of sequins blistered my fingers! particularly proud of the vampire fang nipple pasties i made!

Wednesday, 3 November 2010


went shopping. got excited. no money now!

But look what i bought! the most amazing shoes ever, courtesy of irregular choice. you can't see in this picture but there's fucking robots in the tongue!

The only downfall to these is that on closer inspection of the see through plastic tongue i found a long black hair that i can never remove and is a souvenir of the person that made them.

I guess that makes them more unique than anyone else, and ever so slightly unhygienic!

Second amazing buy were these Wesc bed sheets designed by Mode 2 (the ones on the right hand side). I saw them in front magazine this month and fell in love with
them but realised they were like £100. then one day just walking through the lanes i saw them on sale f
or £50, still expensive for bed sheets but their amazing, plus Mode 2 is one of my favourite designers and who doesn't want a girl's ass on their bed?

it has been a looong time

I thought I'd start this up again as I seem to have failed the first time round.
Currently waiting on a scanner at the moment, I'm relying on shit photos of my work at the moment which is ruining the quality of my work.
My work load at uni has really stepped up this year which is good and bad in many ways, but it does mean I'm improving vastly. This year it's gonna be all about getting what commissions I can really because I start work as an illustrator soon, shit!
This above drawing was for a bigger chart to do with burlesque and fashion, I am particularly proud of this one so i singled it out. Fine line pen and photoshop.