Wednesday, 3 November 2010


went shopping. got excited. no money now!

But look what i bought! the most amazing shoes ever, courtesy of irregular choice. you can't see in this picture but there's fucking robots in the tongue!

The only downfall to these is that on closer inspection of the see through plastic tongue i found a long black hair that i can never remove and is a souvenir of the person that made them.

I guess that makes them more unique than anyone else, and ever so slightly unhygienic!

Second amazing buy were these Wesc bed sheets designed by Mode 2 (the ones on the right hand side). I saw them in front magazine this month and fell in love with
them but realised they were like £100. then one day just walking through the lanes i saw them on sale f
or £50, still expensive for bed sheets but their amazing, plus Mode 2 is one of my favourite designers and who doesn't want a girl's ass on their bed?

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